We respect your privacy and we take care of the compliance of processing of your personal data with laws and regulations. You can trust us with your personal data.

Personal data – any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person.

The aim of the Privacy Policy is to give you information about the processing of personal data, as well as your rights.

  1. According to the contract and/or agreement the controller of processing of personal data is SIA “Nano IT”, reg. No.: 40003798684, legal address Latgales street 240-510, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063;
  2. Purposes for Nano IT personal data processing and legitimate interests:
    1. to prepare the documents, including for the preparing and concluding contracts;
    2. to identify the client; employee or any other person;
    3. to service the client;
    4. to ensure the supply of services;
    5. to improve the quality of services;
    6. to develop new services;
    7. to deliver the goods and documents;
    8. to examine objections, claims, complaints, suggestions, notifications and other applications;
    9. to maintain contact;
    10. to administer payments;
    11. to collect debts;
    12. to maintain and analyse statistical data;
    13. to conduct market research;
    14. to advertise new services and goods;
    15. to create, carry out and improve the loyalty programs;
    16. for other marketing activities;
    17. information about video surveillance you can find below;
    18. to notify of news;
    19. for any other purpose if the client is informed about it.
  3. The legal basis for processing of personal data:
    1. compliance with laws and regulations (for example, Law on Accounting, Law on Electronic Communications, etc.);
    2. a contract with a client;
    3. in some cases, with the client’s consent;
    4. in order to pursue the legitimate interests of a controller or a third person to whom the personal data are disclosed in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.
  4. NANO IT ensures, constantly revises and improves protection arrangements, as well as applies modern technologies to protect the personal data of their employees and clients. NANO IT protects your data with physical and logical means of protection. Your data are duly protected in each data processing stage. NANO IT protects your personal data in accordance with requirements of legislation and in compliance with unified NANO IT privacy policy. Your personal data protection level is always maintained a high level.
  5. Transfer of personal data:
    1. To meet our legal obligations, we can transfer your personal data to law enforcement authorities, as well as state and municipal institutions in the cases provided for by law.
    2. We can transfer your personal data to state and municipal institutions, as well as to providers of debt recovery services in order to claim our legitimate interests.
    3. In order to provide telecommunication services in a good quality and to perform efficient customer service, in some events we transfer your personal data to companies, which provide for us outsource services, or within the group of our company (for example: a call center and technical service, banks and other settlement system services, out-of-court debt collectors, financial or tax audit, etc.). These companies may process your personal data only in accordance with the controller’s instructions and shall not use them for other purposes. In accordance with the law and our cooperation agreement these companies are requested to comply with appropriate personal data protection level.
  6. The retention period for the personal data:
    1. your data will be processed for as long as the contract is in force or for as long as the limitation period of the requirements under the contract is valid;
    2. for as long as the parties may pursue their legitimate interests;
    3. in accordance with the law;
    4. for as long as the client’s consent to the processing of personal data is in force where no other legal ground for the processing exists.
  7. Video surveillance:
    1. In NANO IT structural units and affiliates there is performed video surveillance and recording.
    2. Purpose of video surveillance:
      1. To protect a health and life of employees, visitors and other persons;
      2. To prevent and discover criminal offences;
      3. Upon compliance with your basic rights and freedoms, in order to realize legal interests of NANO IT or the third party, whose personal data was disclosed.
    3. Video surveillance shall not mean an automatic personal identification. We will use a vide record in stated events only in order to achieve the specified targets.
    4. You shall consider that visiting any of NANO IT addresses, you will become as a video surveillance object.
    5. We will store the video record for up to 30 days. A particular data storage term depends on the record quality and the volume of available memory, and it may differ. In the events of when a record is necessary as a proof in a civil procedure, administrative procedure, crime procedure or within other legal procedures, we shall keep a right to store the record as long as it is necessary.
    6. Our legitimate interests – to turn to public or municipal entities, as well as to courts for protection of your own interests.
  8. The Company doesn’t perform automatic decision making.
  9. Your rights:
    1. to know whether we process your personal data;
    2. in case we process your personal data, you have the rights to access the information in question;
    3. if the information on you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to provide us with up-to-date information and request corrections to it;
    4. withdraw consent;
    5. in some cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your data, request the data processing to be restricted, request erasure of data. We inform you that these rights are enforceable only in accordance with the requirements of the law; moreover, our companies reserve the right to refuse to carry out the aforementioned actions based on laws and regulations;
    6. to receive and/or to transfer the personal data to another controller. The above applies only to the data that you have provided us with, based on your consent or contract and if the processing is automated.
  10. You can enforce your rights only on the basis of a written request (including requests signed with secure electronic signatures). We will provide answers within the period prescribed by the law. If the solution is not reaches, you shall have the right to turn to the Data State Inspectorate.

  11. We will update this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. Please follow changes.
  12. If you have any questions regarding processing of personal data, please contact us:, 66100000.